Cosimo Panetta

The Doers (IT)

Cosimo has been working as entrepreneur, manager and business developer in very small and large companies, for years. He used to believe that entrepreneurship was mainly a matter of experience, until he tapped into the works of Steve Blank, Eric Ries, Ash Maurya, Croll & Yoskovits, Christensen, Ulwick and all the interpreters of the Lean Outcome Diven Innovation approach: they were combining data and experiences into a solid innovation method, which can be conducted with a rigorous data driven experimental approach, with the ultimate aim of giving birth and wealth to a new generation of enterprises, services, communities. Since then, within The Doers, he eagerly works with innovators, entrepreneurs and product managers to turn their ventures into disciplined entrepreneurial experiments and make them grow in a fair, steerable and successful way.

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