Amalia Vidal Vázquez

Dreamplace Hotels & Resorts (ES)

Amalia Vidal Vázquez, (Palma de Mallorca 23.01.1980), a professional in the tourism and hotel industry and the passion for catering inherited from her father.
Her story begins in hotels, working in an industrial laundry at age 14.
As she was studying, she decided to combine higher studies with the work experience so that she could put that knowledge into practice and compare it with reality outside the classroom. From help in the kitchen to housekeeper to waiter help, all these experiences have served her a lot in these years of work.
She loves to be part of her client’s holiday, and was like this that she started to learn languages!
Now, with 15 years of experience in hotel management, she continues to learn a lot from staff as well as from clients. She’s thrilled to discover a system (Lean) that really appreciates and takes into account all the components of this equation. It’s not always easy, but it’s the challenge and at the same time satisfaction.

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